Shock treatment
Some photos from the Islay Half-Marathon. There is a distinct lack of action shots from the race due to the fact that all Harriers in attendance were running and didn’t fancy carrying a camera around. However, hopefully the various post-race shots will give the flavour of the event.
The road to the isles and trouble is brewing... (“Boabie and Archie” + the barrel of beer at Inveraray).
Cut straight to the chase... (post-race ceilidh in Bowmore)
Recovery from the chase.... (the idyllic Strand outside Bowmore the day after the race).
Nice beach, I wonder if the water is warmer this year? (the Strand again)
Alan Derrick sprinting to win the 2000 race (73:34)
Harriers Davy Watt (left) and Alan Derrick (2nd from left) after finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 2001 race.